Shining Star

By Prison Fellowship | Posted January 4, 2013
Each year, Prison Fellowship recognizes volunteers and employees who have made a difference in the lives of prisoners and their families by presenting them with the Shining Star Award. For 13 years, Gary Lane has been a weekly volunteer at the Carol S. Vance Unit near Houston, home to Prison Fellowship’s InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI), a faith-based reentry program for prisoners that begins 18-24 months before their release date and continues for a year once they are released.   Clocking in over 4,000 volunteer hours, Gary conducts Search for Significance and Heart of the Problem classes each week and leads seminars at many other state facilities. And all of this is after an 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift at his job.
—Tracy C.

Fertile Ground Mission

Redemption Transformation Center (doing business as Fertile Ground) mission is “To provide men (released inmates/veterans) comprehensive re-entry after-care programming, housing, case management, substance abuse counseling, employment access, spiritual development, and a hope for a better future.” Our vision is to ensure all clients completing Fertile Ground programming embrace or incorporate success strategies and eliminate substance abuse practices for at least three years.

What We Do

  • Housing-                  Transitional Housing for homeless males including veterans and released inmates.
  • Life Skills-
    A support group to enable homeless individuals such as veterans and released inmates to cope with prevailing challenges for those re-entering society.

Coping Skills Development

Gary Lane

Fertile Ground